Some hotels recommended here have rooms reserved solely for runners of the Taubertal 100. You can book by telephone using the password "Teilnehmer Taubertal 100" (participant in the Taubertal 100).


Hotel Rappen


Hotel Schwan & Bronnbacher Hof & Malerwinkel & Wertheimer Stuben


Koppen & Linde & Schäffer

Low Budget Options:

In Rothenburg there is a Youth Hostel and in Wertheim and Gemünden you can stay overnight in the sports hall for free of charge. You just need to bring a sleeping bag.

Wertheim, Sport Hall, Edward-Uihlein Schule, Bismarkstraße 9

Gemünden, Sport Hall, Hofweg 4


Tourist Office and hotel search:  Link

Official Hotel in Rothenburg: 

Hotel Rappen  Link

You will need the password "Teilnehmer Taubertal 100" (participant in the Taubertal 100) in order to book.

Plentiful other hotels are available in Rothenburg and the surrounding areas of Creglingen, Markelsheim and Bad Mergentheim.



Tourist Office: Link  and Hotel Overview: Link

Official Hotels in Wertheim:

Use passwort "Teilnehmer Taubertal 100" (participant in the Taubertal 100)

Hotel Schwan  Link

Hotel Am Malerwinkel  Link

Hotel Wertheimer Stuben  Link

Hotel Bronnbacher Hof  Link


Hotels in Gemünden:

Hotel KoppenLink

Hotel SchäfferLink

Guesthouse zur LindeLink

                                                  Rothenburg: Rappen

                                               Wertheim: Schwan



                                                                                                  Wertheim: Wertheimer Stuben

Gemünden:  Schäffer, Bahnhofstrasse 28