Biel-Taubertal Challenge

2 x 100 km Ultra Races in Switzerland and Germany

 The two classic 100 km Races "Bieler Running Days" in Switzerland and "Taubertal 100" in Germany hold an annual    2 x 100 km Race-Result, the "Biel- Taubertal Challenge".       

In order to complete the "Biel-Taubertal Challenge", the runner must finish both races within one year. 

This Challenge is continuous and is successfully completed as soon the runner finished both races consecutively.

Runners must complete the Taubertal 100 km in sub 15 hours.

A specially designed medal and T-Shirt are available to marke the outstanding achievement.

Biel Running Days

Taubertal 100

The Night of the Nights

The Knight Race

One loop through the night

Point to point race

Date: June

Date: October

Country: Switzerland

Country: Germany

Terms and conditions are applicable for entry to each race.

"Biel-Taubertal Challenge" rules:

To complete the Challenge, runners must finished both the Biel and Taubertal races within one year.

Registration and payment for the Challenge is at the second race, the Taubertal 100.

Finish-time for both 100 races will be added together to make a cumulative ranking.

For 100 mile runners, the split-time at 100 km in Wertheim will be accounted.

Every finisher will receive the "Biel-Taubertal Challenge" medal (65 x 100 x 5 mm) and a certificate.

Each of the top three runners (male and female) will receive a Challenge-trophy.

The results will be published on the Taubertal race website.

The award ceremony will be at the second run of the double Challenge, at the Taubertal 100.


Participation fee for the "Biel-Taubertal Challenge": 25 €

"Biel-Taubertal Challenge" T-Shirt: 50 € (optional)

Runners register and feepay for the "Biel-Taubertal Challenge" is the Taubertal 100.

The T-Shirts can be ordered at the Taubertal 100.

Results of the Biel-Taubertal Challenge 2 x 100km.

Trophies of the Biel-Taubertal Challenge

The "Biel-Taubertal Challenge" T-Shirt

Video: Biel & Taubertal 100 km Race

Biel 100 km

     Taubertal 100 km