Live Tracking by GPS

The Taubertal 100 offers free of charge GPS tracking to all participants, so that spectators, helpers and accompanying persons can follow the competition and race progress live on a smartphone or computer.

Positions are updated every 20 seconds.

Runners wear a small GPS tracker (70 x 25 mm) that weights only 26 Gramm.

GPS Tracker and Belt

Live-Tracking for Runners:

Runners receive their GPS tracker at registration.

Using a smartphone, runners can track their own position on the course as well as their race position relative to other runners. Following the race, runners can use "Replay Mode" to watch the race back on the homepage.

Live Tracking for Public and Staff:

The public can follow the race live on a computer or smartphone and see the position of individual runners (choose Selection from the Menu). An individual runner's position can be followed on the map during the race.

To find a special runner, just select their name from the menue on the right-hand side. The runner's name will then be coloured blue on the map and the map will follow the runner automatically.

If you want to see the rest of the map, click their name on the right-hand side again to deactivate this funktion and you will be able to change the size and position of the map.

Race organisers, staff and checkpoint teams use the tracker to see when runners are approching.

Each runner is shown on the map with a coloured marker showing name, bib number and distance to be run. 50 km: green, 70 km: orange, 100 km: black, 100 miles: blue.

The current race positions of the runners for each race distance are also listed in the menu and are updated every two seconds.

Link to the GPS Live-Tracking

First klick the hyperlink and then the arrow.

Works on Android Systems, Apple, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox etc.

If you see a red cross for longer than 10 seconds, your system is not compatible with the tracker. Please use another system.