Rothenburg is one of the top tourist destinations in Germany, its medieval architecture enchanting visitors from around the world.

The "Taubertal" is a beautiful winding valley that follows the river Tauber through some of the most romantic and untouched scenery.

Some of the many highlights along the route from Rothenburg to Wertheim include historical castles and places, old churches, beautiful bridges and ancient city walls, all surrounded by a painterly landscape of rolling green hills.

The running route is on a public bicycle path that follows the route of the river Tauber through the valley. The route from Rothenburg to Wertheim is also known as "Liebliches Taubertal" (lovely Tauber valley).

The "Taubertal 100" is mostly on flat tarmac surrounded by an undulating and ever-changing landscape. The 20 checkpoints along the 100 km route are situated at 5 km intervals. For the 100 miles there are 6 further checkpoints after Wertheim at 10 km intervals.

The Mission:

To make your way on foot, unassisted, from Castle Rothenburg to Castle Wertheim, arriving before nightfall.


5th October 2024


Rothenburg o.T., Eiswiese, Taubertalweg


50 km in Bad Mergentheim (Castle Place)

70 km in Tauberbischofsheim (Market Place)

100 km in Wertheim (Parking Place small Castle)

100 Miles and 200km in Gemünden (Adelsberg Adolpsbühlstreet 40)


50 km, 70 km, 100 km, 100 miles, 200 km


Point to point race on a flat cycle path

50 km: total 73 m descent

70 km: total 157 m descent

100 km: total 200 m descent

100 miles and 200 km: total 50 m descent


20 drink stations (10 with food) for the 100 km and 26 food & drink stations for the 100 miles

31 Stations for the 200km

Drink stations: Water, apple juice, tea, beer, electrolyte drinks                  

Food stations: Fruit, soup, mashed potato, yoghurt, chia pudding, Himalayan salt, coconut oil 

Drink stations are situated every 5 km and aid stations with both food and drink are every 10 km. After 100 km there are food and drink stations every 10 km. The exact position of the aid stations can vary by up to 2 km. Please see the GPS map for exact positions.


200 km: 32 hour cut off

100 miles: 26 hour cut off

100 km: 15 hour cut off for 100km and 100mile runners              

70 km: 10 hours 30 minutes cut off for all runners     

50 km: 7 hours 30 minutes cut off for all runners

Each Checkpoint has a cut off time, based on a 26-hour finish time in the 100 mile race.

Disqualifaction: Any runner not meeting the cut off time at any checkpoint will be disqualified.


50 km: Bad Mergentheim: 8:50am to 1:30pm

70 km: Tauberbischofsheim: 10:50am to 4:30 pm

100 km: Wertheim: 1pm to 9pm                              

100 miles: Gemünden: 7pm to 8am

200 km: Gemünden: 11pm to 2pm

Time System:

Timing cip Transponder, electronic

Drop Bags:   

The drop bags are supplied by the race organiser.

There are 3 drop bag stations at:
17 km: Creglingen for all runners
50 km: Bad Mergentheim for 50 km runners only
70 km: Tauberbischofsheim for all runners                                                                             100 km: Wertheim (100 km) for 100 mile runners only

Example 100 Mile Runner:     

Drop bag 1 for 17km, drop bag 2 for 70km and drop bag 3 for 100km. For the finish line 100mi you can send extra luggage.

Example 100 km and 70 km Runner: 

Drop bag 1 for 17km and drop bag 2 for 70km.  For the finish line 100km you can send extra luggage.

Example 50 km Runner:

Drop bag 1 for 17km and drop bag 2 for the 50km finish line.

All drop bags left behind will be taken onwards to the finish lines at 50km, 70km and then to Wertheim, and will be left in the 100 km finish line area by 5.30pm at the latest.

On Sunday, any bags that have been left behind, will be transported back to the Hotel Rappen in Rothenburg and can be collected until Monday.

100 mile runners will have their drop bags transported to Gemünden. They can be collected from the sports hall from 1am.


All runners can also hand in luggage (max 10kg) to be transported to the sports hall in Wertheim and Gemünden.

Course   Marking:

The course is marked each kilometer. Each corner is triple marked. There are also distance markers every kilometre.


Showers are available at each finish line.


Knighting ceremony for all finishers of the 100 km and 100 mile races.


Bicycle assistance is permitted after Creglingen at 17 km. The distance between the runner and cyclist must be at least two metres. Personal food & drinks may only be provided at the checkpoints.

Cyclists are not permitted in the castle garden or in the start arera. Cyclists must wait 5m away from the checkpoints at the side of the road for their runner. They must not block the route.

Runners using bike assistance before 17km Creglingen will be disqualified.

Dropping Out:

Runners who drop out of the race earlier than the registered distance will be given a finish time for the race distance they have actually completed. If a runner drop out between a finish line, than he is disqualified.

Green Numbers:

Previous winners of any of the Taubertal 100 distances (Male/Female) will have a green race-number.
Runners who have finished the Taubertal 100 three times at any distance will also have a green race-number.


Light running gear. Heat protection, waterproof and cold weather clothing is recommended for the drop bags. Head-torch for the start and running later than 8 p.m.

100 Mile and 200 km Runners: Mobile Phone with emergency number, GPS tracker (provided). After 100 km: Backpack with water bladder or drink flasks with a minimum capacity of 0,75 Liters and head torch with replaceable batteries.


max. 499


Raceresults finished in 2021 are accepted. Also own training races documented by GPS protocoll are accepted, approved by a witness.

For all distances, a qualification must have been achieved.

Runners who have never finished an altra race:

A sub-5 hour marathon finish is required in the last year for participate up to 100 km. It is recommended that you undertake at least 3 month of ultra marathon training.

50 km, 70 km and 100 km races:

A finish in any ultra race of any distance or time, or a sub-5 hour marathon in the last year.

100 Miles:

Sub-13:30 hour finish in a 100 km or a distance of at least 150 km in a 24 hour race, or equivalent, in the last year.  Trail runs will be time adjusted by 6 minutes per 100m of ascent. Long distance (Ironman) triathletes also qualifiy for the 100 mile run with a Sub 13 hour finish.

Luggage Transport:

Suitcase transport from Rothenburg to Wertheim or to Gemünden.

Drop bag transport from Rothenburg to Creglingen, Bad Mergentheim (50 km runners only) and to Tauberbischofsheim. Drop bag to Wertheim for 100 mile runners only.

Return  Transport
by bus:

Saturday:                                                                                                                                                                             Bad Mergentheim: 2pm from the railway station

Tauberbischofsheim: 5pm from the railway station

Wertheim: 7pm from the railway station

Sunday:                                                                                                                   Wertheim: 10am from the railway station

Gemünden: 3pm from the bus stop next to Hotel Koppen


Saturday 10pm in Castle Wertheim: for 50km, 70km, 100km runners and Biel-Taubertal Challenge Finisher.

Sunday 1:30pm in Hotel Koppen, Gemünden: for 100 mile and 200 km runners

Eat a`la carte


Certificate & medal for all finishers

Age group ranking female/male

Trophies for the first three male and fermale finishers of each distance and for the Biel-Taubertal Challenge.

Winners are decided on the finish time at each distance and are not dependent on the actual distance the runner registered for.

Course Map "Taubertal 100":

Course profile of the Taubertal 100:

The course 100 miles is able for worldrecords since 2019.

Start Rothenburg 344 m above S.L, finish line Gemünden: 241 m above S.L. 

Different seel level: 103 Meter. Less than 1m/km meets IAAF rule.

Air distance from start Rothenburg to finish line Gemünden: 49,34 mi. Less than 50% distance from start to finish line meets IAAF ruel.

Taubertal 100 medals:

Medals for 50km-, 70km- 100km, Biel-Taubertal, 100mile and 200km finishers (65 x 100 x 5 mm)

Buckles for 100 mile finisher:

Taubertal100 in 2024: