Taubertal 100


50km, 70km, 100km, 100 Miles, 200km

Point to Point Scenic Race 


Date: 5th October 2024

Start: Rothenburg, Germany

50km: from Rothenburg to Bad Mergentheim

70km: from Rothenburg to Tauberbischofsheim

100km: from Rothenburg to Wertheim

100 Miles:  from Rothenburg to Gemünden (161km)

200km: from Rothenburg to Zellingen and back to Gemünden


Probably the most beautiful point to point ultra-race

Track of the Taubertal 100

2024 Labels:

IAU Bronze for 50km, 70km, 100km and 200km
IAU Silver for 100 Miles

DLV Germany approved race

DLV measured & certified race for 50km, 70km, 100km, 100 Miles and 200km

100 Miles: world best performance of IAAF, approved for world records

IAU Silber Label for 100 Miles

  IAU Bronze Label for 50km, 70km, 100km and 200km

DUV Cup 2024

The 100km race of the Taubertal 100 is part of the DUV Cup 2024

Medals of Taubertal 100

Videos of the Taubertal 100:

Video Taubertal 100

Flight over Taubertal 100 course

100 Miles Record Germany by Felix Weber 2023

Taubertal 100 Course Records

100 Miles:


Nele Alder-Baerens, USC Marburg, 13:35 h, 2018, GER


Felix Weber, Ultralaufteam Braunschweig, 12:35 h, 2023, GER



Nele Alder-Baerens, USC Marburg, 7:44 h, 2017, GER


Jan Albert Lantink, MPM-Hengelo, 7:17 h, 2016, NL



Nele Alder-Baerens, USC Marburg, 5:16 h, 2017, GER


Karsten Fischer, SSC Hanau-Rod., 4:55 h, 2016, GER



Nele Alder-Baerens, USC Marburg, 3:27 h, 2016, GER


Niels Bubel, Die Laufpartner, 3:07 h, 2016, GER

Points of Orientation

Check-In, Hotel Rappen, Start, Check-Points, Finish-Lines, Bus Transport