The Basic Requirement for a 50 km-, 71 km- or 100 km-Race is a Sub 4 hours Finishing time in a Marathon, with at least three month of Ultra-Training, or any Ultra Distance equivalent to 100 km in 13 hours.


A Sub 4 hour Marathon-Runner is quite able to prepare within a three month training, to finish an Ultra Marathon up to 100 km successfully.


Detailed Information about Ultra-Training with 14 different Trainings-Plans for 50 km-, 70 km- and 100 km, you can find in my book "Das große Buch vom Ultramarathon" Issue 2. 






















Equipment, Training-Plans, Nutrition, Ultra-Running-Race Reports 




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Universal Training-Plans for the Taubertal 100:

actuated: 1-16

100 Mile-Training Plan:




100 km-Training-Plan:





70 km Training-Plan:





50 km Training-Plan: