Jin Cao

Had a great time running Taubertal 100-mile 2017. I must say it is one of the best organized 100-km/100-mile events in Europe, and it's easily seen how organizers and volunteers take their effort, enthusiasm, and hospitality to make it a fantastic experience for runners. The path is so well (probably too well) marked -- even for the 100-mile extension -- that it's very hard to get lost; volunteers at the checkpoints are so helpful and cheerful; there are so many aid stations and the course is flat and fast, ideal for making new PBs; and there are so many idyllic towns and villages, so much scenery to enjoy along the way. Even during the cold night, volunteer bikers accompany runners, making the last battle to the finish line easier... I want to say big THANK YOU to organizers, volunteers, and spectators that make such wonderful trip possible.

Bedkowski Jacek


Fantastic event. Well done. One of my best ultra events.