Ultra-Marathon 100 km, 100 Miles, 71 km and 50 km  

Point to Point Scenic Race 


Date: 7th October 2017 


100 Miles from Rothenburg o.T. to Gemünden a.M (161 km)

100 km from Rothenburg to Wertheim

71 km from Rothenburg to Tauberbischofsheim

50 km from Rothenburg to Bad Mergentheim


The probably most beautiful and fastest Point to Point Ultra-Race  


Rothenburg is one of the most picturesque and attractive touristic Highlight in Germany. The City of Rothenburg attracts visitors from around the world due to its looking like a town straight out of the middle ages.

The "Taubertal" is a beautiful winding valley that follows the river Tauber.

Along the route from Rothenburg to Wertheim are various points of interest to observe. Some of the many Highlights include historical Castles, old Churches, beautiful Bridges, and ancient City-Walls, all embedded in lovely small green Hills and combined like a chain.


The running route is situated on the public bicycle path that follows the route of the river Tauber through the valley. The landmark from Rothenburg to Wertheim is called "The lovely Tauber-Valley"

The route of the "Taubertal 100" is mostly flat in an undulating and interesting landscape. The 20 Checkpoints along the 100 km running track are situated at 5 km intervals. For the 100 Miles are 6 Checkpoints more after Wertheim in a 10 km Distance each.


The Mission:


To start in the morning as a messenger foot runner, from the Castle Rothenburg, and to arrive before nightfall at the Caste in Wertheim, without any assistance.  



07th October 2017


Rothenburg o.T.


50 km in Bad Mergentheim

71 km in Tauberbischofsheim

100 km in Wertheim

100 Miles in Gemünden


50 km, 71 km, 100 km and 100 Miles (161 km)


Point to Point race on a flat Bicycle-Path

50 km: 160 m up, 290 m down, in total 130 m down

71 km: 170 m up, 320 m down, in total 250 m down

100 km: 340 m up, 595 m down, total 255 m down

100 Miles, like 100 km with additional 100 m up & down


20 Drink & 10 Food-Stations for 100 km and 26 Food & Drink Stations for 100 Miles

Every 5 km are Drink-Stations & every 10 km are Food-Stations, after 100 km are every 10 km Food & Drink Stations


100 Miles: 26 h cut off

100 km: 13 h cut off, but for 100 Mile Runners 14 h

71 km: 9:15 h cut off, for all runners

50 km: 6:30 h cut of, for all runners


50 km Bad Mergentheim: 8:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

71 km: Tauberbischofsheim: 10:20 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

100 km: Wertheim: 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

100 Miles: Gemünden: 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Time System:

Transponder, electronic

Drop Bags:          

The Drop bags are supplied from the race organsation.

We have 3 Drop Bags Stations in:
Creglingen (km 20), for all
Bad Mergentheim (km 50), only for 50 km runners
Tauberbischofsheim (km 71), for all

Wertheim (km 100), only for 100 Mile runners

Example 100 Mile Runner:

Drop Bag 1 for km 20, Drop Bag 2 for km 71 and Drop Bag 3 for km 100.

For the finish line 100 mi you can send your luggage.

Example 100 km and 71 km Runner:

Drop Bag 1 for km 20 and Drop Bag 2 for km 71.

For the Finish Line 100 km you can send your luggage.

Example 50 km Runner:

Drop Bag 1 for km 20 and Drop Bag 2 for km 50.

Track Marking:

Every 500 m the Track is marked

Each km is marked and labeled with the distance

Every curve is triple marked


At every Finish-Line, Showers are available


Accolade to a knight, for all Finishers of the 100 km and 100 Mile Distance

Special Rule:

Bicycle assistance is allowed, as far the distance is min. 5 Meter to the runner, and own food & drinks are supported only at the Checkpoint Stations.

Runners who break down the race shorter than the redistricted distance, will be valued to the running-distance they finished before. There is an extra fee of 15 € for certificate and medals.

Green Number:

Runners who won any Distance of the Taubertal 100 (Male/Female) will get a green Start-Number.
Runners who finished the Taubertal 100 three times, at any Distance, will get a green start-number.


Light running gear, heat protection, waterproof and cold weather equipment, head-light for the start

100 Mile Runners:

Drink-Backpack, Handy with emergency number, GPS Tracking


max. 600 (in 2017)


for all distances, a qualification race is necessary, max. in the previous year to the date of registration.

at least Marathon in Sub 4 hours with a 3-month Ultra-Training for all runners (except 100 Mile), or

100 km in Sub 13 hour, or

any alternative Ultra-Qualification like Trail, who point out an expectation, that you will finish a 100 km race in sub 13 hours, or

Finish of the Taubertal 100 in the previous year at any distance (for qualify 50 km, 71 km 100 km).

100 Miles:

Qualified are runners with at least 100 km in Sub 13 hour or a longer Distance in an equivalent time.

Luggage Transport:

Suitcase transport from Rothenburg to Wertheim and to Gemünden. Drop Bag Transport from Rothenburg to Creglingen, Bad Mergentheim (50 km Runners only) and Tauberbischofsheim. Drop Bag to Wertheim for 100 Mile runner's only.

At the end, all Drop Bags get transported to each finish-line, in accordance to the finish limit-time latest.


Certificate & Medal for all Finisher

Age Group Ranking female/male

Trophy for the first three winner's female/males for all distances.

The winner-ranking is up to the finish-time of the runner's performance, independent from any entry form of distances.


In the Hotel Rappen

Friday from 2:00 to 6:30 and 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Saturday from 4:30 to 5:20 a.m.


Race-Track Map "Taubertal 100": 


 Race Route Taubertal 100 with 50 km, 71 km, 100 km and 100 Miles


Medals Taubertal 100:

Medals for 50 km-, 71 km- and 100 km Runner ( 65 x 100 x 5 mm)

Buckels for 100 Mile-Finisher Taubertal 100:


Buckle for 100 Mile Runners (115 x 75 x 3 mm)

How to wear the Taubertal 100 Buckle

The Video "Taubertal 100"


Video: Oliver Luksch

Music: Hans Zimmer "The Dark Knight Rise", Titlel: "Rise"



Impressions of the Landscape "Taubertal 100" 


Pictures: Hans-Joachim Kaiser, Tauberbischofsheim, www.hjkaiser.com

                and Holger Schmitt, Bad Mergentheim 
Music:     Hans Zimmer "The Dark Knight Rise" Titel: "Rise"



Track of "Taubertal 100" by Google Earth

Video: Hubert Beck

Music: Hans Zimmer "The Dark Knight" Title: "Imagin the Fire"

Race Records Taubertal 100:

100 km:


Kathie Schichtl

Team Salomon

9:25 h




Jan Lantink


7:17 h



71 km:


Mara Lückert

SG Wenden

6:15 h




Karsten Fischer

SSC Hanau-Rodenbach

4:55 h



50 km:


Nele Alder-Baerens

USC Marburg

3:27 h




Niels Bubel

Die Laufpartner

3:07 h